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The LED solution saves energy with lower power consumption. AC technology provides compatibility with existing landscape systems without the hassle of additional converters or drivers. The IL6 LED is available in the following colors:

  • Simple design and installation ... compact low-profile ... nearly invisible
  • Low Energy Consumption ... up to 75% less than conventional lighting
  • Next generation Solid State Lighting ... 3000K CCT output
  • Long-life ... lasts over twice as long as Xenon Bulbs ... up to 40,000 hours or more
  • Output Equivalent to 10 watt Xenon Bulb
  • No glass or elements to break ... cool operation
  • Improved performance in cold temperature
  • Virtually maintenance-free ... weather resistant
  • Energy efficient ... 2.4 watt LED array
  • Engineered thermoplastic lens with integrated thermal management
  • Field serviceable LED subassembly
  • 10 year warranty
  • Compatible with dimming controls

To see what your final project would look like, use the Product Visualizer.



Black            IL6.200.500
Brick Red     IL6.300.500
Mud              IL6.400.500
Slate            IL6.500.500
Bronze         IL6.225.500
White           IL6.325.500
Terracotta    IL6.425.500
Clay            IL6.250.500
Bone           IL6.350.500
Pebble        IL6.450.500
Putty          IL6.275.500
Sand          IL6.375.500
Stone         IL6.475.500